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With over 30 years of continuous service in the electric and power supply industry in Sri Lanka, Kamalsons Private Limited is committed to new challenges to help our clients and customers by providing integrated, complete, environmentally sustainable power and energy solutions. This will enable improved efficiencies and reduced maintenance and operational costs.

‘Our vision is to lead the revolution of creating an energy efficient future in Sri Lanka’

With the partnership of LTSS UK, CREE Lighting and Illukkumbura Industrial Automation (PVT) Ltd, our focus is on driving forward the adoption of LED lighting and leading the LED Lighting Revolution.

With our strategic partner Tigre Energy and armed with vast international experience, we provide renewable energy solutions for clients who need low carbon, sustainable power for either self consumption or for export to other users and the Grid.


Latest Show Case

  • LED Lighting

    We are the distributors in Sri Lanka for world’s number one innovator of LED lighting solutions. LEDs bring several advantages to the lighting industry, including high efficacy and durability, and, with superior life over other lamp sources, their required maintenance is greatly reduced. This translates into energy savings, maintenance savings, and environmental sustainability.

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  • solar energy solutions

    SOLON is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to providing superior solar energy solutions with unrivaled quality and reliability. Founded in 2007, SOLON Corporation is a subsidiary of the SOLON Group, a leading international provider of solar solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications. The SOLON Group, one of oldest pure play solar companies in operation, was established in 1997 and operates subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Australia, India and the U.S.


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    Our latest addition to the Green Energy Solutions portfolio is Biomass Gasification. For this area, we work with a strategic partners with vast international experience. Biomass includes a wide range of materials including energy crops and agricultural sources. Gasification helps recover the energy locked in these materials.

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Power Controls

Our 25 year history is all about being a key player in the Power Transmission components industry. Currently, our focus here is mainly on Insulators and HRC Fuses.

Insulators support the conductors and withstand both the normal operating voltage and surges due to switching and lightning. Insulators are broadly classified as either pin-type, which support the conductor above the structure, or suspension type, where the conductor hangs below the structure. A HRC fuse is a fuse that is filled with silica sand surrounding the fuse link. It is used on applications where the fault current needs to be suppressed fast and with no flash over. On a fault current a tremendous amount of heat is created within the fuse.
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LTSS is our Strategic Business Partner for LED Lighting solutions with Assessment, Design & Installation consulting for larger & complex projects. Their backing allows us to venture in to project of any size and complexity anywhere in the island.
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Tigre Energy is our strategic partner for low cost biomass power solutions which guarantee a fast payback. With vast international experience, Tigre Energy is capable of catering to varying        needs of diverse customers spread throughout the island.  

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(IIAL) is a Sri Lankan owned electrical Engineering Company operated by a dedicated team of professionals. Their main business is in the electrical infrastructure developments in both private and public sectors. Furthermore they have expanded their business horizons over the continents and have gained the trust of many international customers. The company established in 1989 and incorporated in May 1992.  Up to now they have completed more than 1000 industrial projects conforming to international standards and regulations. Being a well established service provider they always ensure in exceeding customer expectations.

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We are an Institutional Member of the Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association. SLEMA was founded in 1984 by a group of professionals, to promote efficiency and rational use of energy in Sri Lanka.

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Cree IS LED Lighting

Refgas Green Power Generation


ETI Switchgear From Europe